Sleep, and other health notes

Read yesterday about OTC (over the counter) sleep remedies possibly being linked to dementia.  Yikes!!!  I’ve only been taking them for years and years and years.  So now what to do?  Well, quit taking them, obviously; but then how to sleep?  Started last night with something “natural” called Sleep MD.  This is supposedly a formula developed by physicians (and we all believe that, right?) that gives a natural, healthy sleep.  So what happened?  I did fall asleep around 2 a.m. and woke up at 8.  So I can live with that.  I consider this the beginning of the big experiment on how to fall asleep without drugging myself into a stupor.  Watch this space.

In other health notes

Given the healthy six hours I had, I felt motivated to start other health initiatives as well.  Took the dog for a 15 minute walk in -16 Celsius, then walked up and down the basement stairs 3X for my thigh bones.  Finished off with a glass of Greens for Bones drink.  This Greens formula apparently has every nutrient known to man in it, so expect to be leaping around all day.

Read a piece in BBC news last night about people over the ages of 70, 80, and 90 doing gymnastics, jumping out of airplanes, figure skating, and so on.  Trying to figure out what sport to take up now.



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