Saying Goodbye

August 2016

Stephanie getting ready to go back to Turkey for the last time, we think.  The situation there is just so volatile that it’s no longer a fun place to be.  How can you enjoy your trip to work when a bomb might go off in a restaurant you’re walking past, or at a bus station you use to get to work?  The other reason is the fall of the Turkish lira against other currencies.  No matter how many Turkish lira one makes, it doesn’t add up to much once the border is crossed.

Too bad.  But there are other countries!


So hard to say goodbye yet again to my daughter.  Back to Turkey she goes as I follow her plane’s flight on Flight Tracker.  She stayed with me for just six days.  I didn’t want her to stay here as much as I wanted to be on that plane with her.  How wonderful it would be to live and work in Istanbul with her–such an exciting, vibrant city.  However, now it seems trouble is brewing because of the ISIS (or ISiL) crisis and political wheels within wheels crush anyone in their way.  Steph thinks there might even be a civil war, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

I’ll keep my eye on the news while plotting and planning how to get myself + dog on a plane to Istanbul.  Maybe if I get Ysobel registered as a therapy dog, she could look after me on the flight as everyone knows I’m prone to panic attacks if I don’t have Yzzy with me always.

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