Just a thought…

October 2016

Black Doctor on Delta Airlines Refused Opportunity to Help Sick Passenger

Well, I think the title says it.  Saw this item in the news today and wondered what happened to our “revolution” back in the 70s and 80s.  For a while it seemed that all this discrimination and outright racism was over.  There is a black president in the White House but still we have airline staff (who are presumably worldly wise and know what’s what) questioning whether a black woman could be a qualified doctor.  Imagine!

Problems from the Present

Reading about the mob attack on a woman in Kabul, I’m saddened by the fact that when women try to educate people, they are so often treated as the enemy.  All that the poor woman in Kabul wanted to do was explain away superstition to a mullah selling charms to people.

People don’t seem to want the truth, or even a different outlook on life than the one they have.  I’m reminded of a simple, harmless example.  When I was 18, I went back to England to visit my grandma and father.  One day I noticed my grandma down on one knee with an ancient can opener that required hand protection and brute strength to operate.  Poor grandma was grunting and groaning as she struggled to get the pointed end of the implement into the metal top, and then with a tea towel firmly wrapped around her hand to protect against accidents, she levered the metal edge through the can until she got it opened enough to force it up and get out the contents.  I immediately went out and bought her a simple rotary can opener.  When I proudly presented it to her, instead of the gratitude and praise I had expected to be heaped on my kind head, she took offense, refused to even touch it, and wouldn’t listen to any demonstration of how it could save her energy and strain.  “Are you trying to show your grandmother how to such eggs”? was her response.  She got quite huffy and resumed using her stone age tool any time she had to open a can after that.

I think these mobs of men in Kabul, or Delhi, or Peshawar think like this.  Their image of females is firmly wedged in their brains, and they don’t want it changed.

I don’t know how we women have survived as long as we have.  Our foremothers must have kept quiet and stayed by the stove.

Problems from the Past

How did Stone Age Man (SAM) cut his toe nails?  I include Stone Age Woman in the pondering, of course.


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