Growing pains

Still working on this site.  So much to learn.  I may have to pay for a site in the end as I’ll get more help if I do.  In the meantime, just hop around and hope you find something useful!

Since I’m struggling to figure out this blogging lark, I’m adding this page to share my growing pains as I try to understand the basic, but maze-like confusion, of all the instructions in WordPress.  Apparently when I changed a theme (the appearance) a few days ago, the “About” section disappeared. I’ve changed the theme again to include this feature.  Now I’m trying to organize the information into categories for easier reading.  I thought it would be simple and merrily typed away organizing categories for new info to go under.  All looked great.  However!  Nothing registered.

My respect for bloggers has gone up ten-fold as I discover how difficult it is to navigate the settings, widgets, post problems, und so weite.  So please bear with me and wondrous discoveries will be yours.

A big glitch has occurred in organizing this blog; one that seems to be a feature of the way WordPress is presented to the blogger.  In the editing functions, there is no way to move content around, so if something is put in the wrong place, it can’t be moved again.  For example, the first few recipes I posted went automatically to the Home page.  When I realized the problem with this, I was able to create a new page entitled “Recipes,” but I was unable to move those already posted in the Home page to the Recipes page.  So now we have a situation where there are recipes in the Home page and the Recipes page.  I’ve tried to ameliorate this problem with a little note in the Home page.  (Addendum–I’ve since figured it out.  All I have to do is cut any wrongly-placed entry and then paste it where I want it, so some of these problems have now been worked out).


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