Vegan, gluten-free and as beloved as a cheeseburger

Fabulous and cheap!

Addendum:  It’s now several weeks later and I realize I made a boo boo.  I don’t know why I posted this on my Home page, but don’t know how to move it to the Recipes page.  If you will go to the Recipes page, you’ll read what happened while making this recipe!

Ottawa Citizen

Hugh Forte, the photographer half of The Sprouted Kitchen blog, says this is his favourite bowl of the more than 70 in wife Sara Forte’s new book, The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl + Spoon. “His other favourite food is cheeseburgers, so that’s enough for me,” writes Sara.

This recipe is vegan and gluten-free, but putting it in the same class as a cheeseburger is not so odd: it’s filling, immensely satisfying and offers a classic combination, in this case, warm grains, hot greens, spicy protein, cool creamy toppings and crunchy seeds.

It’s easy to make, but has lots of parts. You can, however, make the versatile dressing as much as two weeks in advance, the spicy seeds a couple of days ahead, and start marinating the tofu cubes a few hours ahead.

And don’t fuss about getting all the exact ingredients. I used the maple sugar I had on hand in place of muscovado sugar on the…

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