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Something about me

This picture was taken in June 2017 when my lovely daughter and sons surprised me with a birthday party in my garden with 30 people!  What a great surprise it was.  Stephanie flew in from Turkey specially to be here for my big day.  Our weather had been terrible the week before, and was terrible again the week after–constant rain.  But as you can see the sun shone this day!  What a wonderful day.  I’ll never forget it.  I told them that I forgave them for everything they did to drive me crazy, and will forgive them for all they do in the future to drive me crazy!!  So proud of them.

I started this blog simply to enjoy myself writing bits and pieces of life, especially the cheap bits.  And no, not in that way!  At one time in my life, I was raising kids on about $100 a week and spent every Christmas browsing through the Sally Ann for gifts.  It was a dream to figure out how to feed us all well and nutritiously on practically nothing.  One way is to do volunteer work at your local organic grocery store–something I didn’t really enjoy, but I got a 10% discount of food for doing it.  Anyway, I had to find food they’d eat and that was also cheap.  One day, I thought, I’ll write a book about how to do this.  And here I am.  This is a modern book.

Here’s a picture of one of my “kids” that survived that era.  He’s the big male.  The smaller one is my very great friend, Damian, a gold nugget in my arsenal of precious gems.  The lovely lady is Philip’s wife and inspiration:  Trudy.  Oh yes, the big male’s name is Philip.  Looks like he got enough to eat back in the day!???????????????????????????????

Here are pictures of the other two who “suffered” through a vegetarian youth. Stephanie and Robin.  These three are the jewels in my crown!Stephanie off to IstanbulRobin and me


Seedling three weeks on


Well, we’re still alive here, but definitely looking straggly.  I’m thinking now that I’ll re-pot them into individual pots and start putting them in sunny windows during the day and turning them 1/4 turn every day.  At night I’ll put them under a couple of full spectrum lights.  The basil is looking OK, I think.  Even if the crop fails, I think I have enough leaves there to make a salad.  For fairies.

Seedlings one week on


Looks as if Anne is right.  The seedlings are decidedly leggy and outgrowing their strength, as my grandma used to say.  Actually grandma said that any time I was feeling “poorly.”  I was never ill, just outgrowing my strength.

Moving on, I wonder how long I can keep these little guys alive………