Frugal begins with seeds!


I’ve started my garden since I think the first step in saving money on food is to grow your own.  I’ve never had any luck with starting seeds indoors, so we’ll see how this experiment turns out.  I planted two kinds of lettuce, basil, and turnip (don’t ask) just to see what happens.  If I fail again, there will still be time to start more seeds.  Usually I get damping off or some other blight that kills the seedlings.  Although the seed packets said that the seeds needed 5 to 10 days to sprout, some are already up on day 3, so I’ve moved the tray into the light.  I’ll watch and report weekly.   Here’s hoping for some luck this year.


One thought on “Frugal begins with seeds!

  1. Myrna Cote

    Hi Madeleine:

    Thanks for bringing gardening to mind in this bone chilling cold. Here are some more things that we can start indoors.

    1. Cucumber
    2. Zucchini
    3. Eggplant
    4. Radish
    5. Scarlet runner beans
    6. Baby pak choi
    7. Carrots
    8. Lettuce
    9. Onions ( norstar and red onions )
    10. Bell red peppers
    11. Brussel sprouts
    12. Parsley
    13. Thyme
    14. Rosemary
    15. Basil

    Last frost date here is May 24


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