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Finding Chris

Seem to have lost my Australian friend, Chris.  E-mails are coming back as undeliverable.  This is a blow.  If you see this Chris, could you send me a message, love?  Ta


Almonds—-Which Should You Eat?

I’m going to be posting more on almonds, especially how to make your own delicious almond milk, but first here’s a warning about which almonds to avoid buying.  Another blogger has thoughtfully provided a fairly comprehensive list of almonds to buy and those to avoid because of unhealthy gassing:

Quiche Alert!

This hint properly belongs in the Recipes section, but it’s so important I’m putting it here right now.  If you’ve baked a quiche and frozen it, don’t serve it after defrosting it.   Re-bake it at 350 degrees first.  I learned this the hard way!

Sad face

An Old Pre-war Recipe

One of the ways my grandmother, and her mother before her, used to eke out a meal for a big family was by making something called seasoned pudding.  This was a side to go with the main course.  A working class family would not be able to afford much meat, so something like seasoned pudding would help fill up the plates.

I can remember going for meals to my grandmother’s and eating from rather small plates.  That was another way to make people feel they were getting a good plateful!

Teaching again!

Today I started my volunteer job teaching ESL again!  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  Didn’t realize how much I missed it.  Hopefully my new “students” enjoyed the session as much as I did.  Now my hours and days will be filled with working out ideas and lesson plans, checking out web sites, and collecting pictures.  Terrrrrr-rific…..!