Very inexpensive (cheap) homemade yoghurt


Milk (however much you need)  I like to use organic 1%, but you could use any.

Yoghurt starter — I used freeze dried L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus, and L. acidophilus, but you can also use 2 to 3 tbsps of plain yoghurt, apparently.  I shall experiment with this method and post the results.

Heat up your milk slowly–I used approximately 2 cups–until a skin forms.  Turn off the heat and let it cool down.  Remove the skin.  You can put the pan in cold water if you’re in a hurry.  While you’re doing this, turn the oven on to 170 F and heat up a bowl or appropriate size to hold the yoghurt mixture.  Turn off the oven and leave it to cool down a bit and take out the bowl.

When the milk is lukewarm, mix a little of it with the yoghurt starter powder (or plain yoghurt if you’re trying that). If the bowl is cooled to the touch, but still warm, pour the milk/yoghurt starter mixture into the bowl.  Wrap in a cozy tea towel (not too thin) and put in the now lukewarm oven.  Leave it there for anywhere from 7 to 24 hours; then refrigerate it.  It should be thick enough to hold its shape when spooned out.  Lovely, and a lot cheaper than the $5.99 a carton they’re charging in the stores now!


4 thoughts on “Very inexpensive (cheap) homemade yoghurt

  1. sequoia

    I have made homemade yogurt using plain yogurt as the starter, it works great 🙂 the recipe i used though you use a cheese cloth to strain out the excess whey, which you can also use in other recipes 😀


    1. whitfim200106 Post author

      Sounds like a plan. Next time I’ll strain out the excess fluid. This time though I used the first batch to make fruit smoothies so the yoghurt being a bit runny didn’t matter.


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